Q1: I am coming for my country where VISA is required, so what I have to do you?

Ans: You have to visit the nearest Iranian embassy or Iranian consulate to apply the VISA and as all the required documents and contact us if you need any help.

Q2: This is my first time visit to Iran and i don’t know how to get a taxi from the airport to clinic. Could you please help me in this case?

Ans: You have to contact us and we will arrange your prepared airport picking services to bring you directly from the airport to the clinic.

Q3: Is there any pre-payment which i have to pay to get an invitation letter from the clinic to apply for visa?

Ans: No there is no need of such payment for already patients of the clinic and in case if you are new patient, provide us your documents via electronic email and we will provide you further information in this case.

Q4: How much time it will take before i arrive to the clinic since i apply VISA?

Ans: Usually it a 3-4 days official procedure.

Q5: Is there any services available for accommodations or hotels by the clinic?

Ans: Please contact us if you need any kind of accommodations and we will provide you the packages of our partnered hotels in the city.

Q6: Do I have to bring the local currency as international currency has a limit?

Ans: You have to bring the international currency in us dollars or Euros and don’t worry about the restrictions on the amount as the exchange companies in the city will help you to bring money from the home country.

Q7: What is the duration of visa extension if I want to stay longer due to the illnesses?

Ans: If you are a regular patient of the clinic then you should not be worried about the extension of visa as the company here will provide you all the facilitation required to extend your VISA.